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Our production facility can manufacture Standards and Specials Drill Bushings as per your specific needs. When customers need bulk quantities, when quality and cost savings are a primary concern, we work closely with the customers to guarantee the best price without ever compromising on quality. Various materials such as steel, high carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, brass, and bronze can be used.

While other leading suppliers charge a much higher price for any non standard size considered a Specials Size, Bronco Tool's pricing for Specials Sizes is almost similar to the Standard sizes.

ANY OF THE FOLLOWING COMBINATIONS (For Custom Specials Drill Bushings & Standard Drill Bushings)
Any combination of ID, OD, & Length
Inches or Metric
ANSI Standard or DIN Standard

ALL AVAILABLE MATERIAL (For Custom Specials Drill Bushings & Standard Drill Bushings)
AISI52100 (High Carbon Low Chrome Tool Steel. Much better than Stress Proof Steel. But our prices lower than stress proof steel)
EN19 Chromium Steel (Chrome Molybdenum Steel. High Strength)
High Speed Steel (HSS) - Tool Steel
Stainless Steel
"Bronco Toughcoat" (Steel with Proprietary Finish - 5 times stronger against wear)

HARDNESS (For Custom Specials Drill Bushings& Standard Drill Bushings)
Choose a hardness to suit your needs. Case hardening also available. Our normal hardening is between 62-64 HRC for steel. Client may specify the hardness they require based on the applications or the appropriate usage situation. We listen to your application needs and modify the hardness and material selected to arrive at the desired hardness, brittleness, yield, and strength.

Some potential customers may want to try out different options or may not be sure what bushings specifications may best suit their needs. In those situations, we can consult with our staff engineers and try to offer suggestions or options as needed. This is a value added service we try to offer our clients.


Castings Foundry
Gun Drilling Fixtures
Mold making (straight or headed bushings for ejector pins)
High precision hole making
Many more

We welcome your inquiries

STYLES AVAILABLE (For Custom Specials Drill Bushings & Standard Drill Bushings):
Head Press Fit (P); Headless Press Fit (H); Head Press Fit Metric (pm); Renewable (SF); Renewable Metric (SFM); Headed Liners (HL); Headed Liner Metric (HLM); Headless Liners (L); Headless Liners Metric (LM); Thin Walled Bushings (Inch and Metric); Gun Drill Bushings (Liners - Type GDL; Inserts - Type GDI; Type GDB; and Type DGDB).

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